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Public Record: Estuary

(Scroll down to stream or download the audio piece.)

Public Record: Estuary is a cycle of audio poems intended to be listened to on walks around the old fishing village of Leigh-on-Sea. The poems are inspired by archival reports of 19th-century Estuary sea accidents. Set against the sights of today’s Estuary, they offer a new perspective on the clash of picturesque landscape and post-industrial edgelands. As you walk, you’ll find yourself immersed in the forgotten lives and colourful past of this “half-marine place”, caught between nature and industry, between ancient and modern.

Written and produced by Justin Hopper. For further reading on the poems and full credits click here.


public record

If you’re using your own device, there are two different ways to access the audio tracks:

1. Stream

(Note that streaming audio via 3G on your smartphone may incur a cost, depending on your provider)

You can also Download Soundcloud to your iphone or android. After the Soundcloud application is downloaded on your device, search for ‘Public Record: Estuary’.

2. Download

Follow this link to download ZIP files of the full Public Record: Estuary piece as MP3s.

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