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Metal are working in partnership with the Fitzwilliam Museum (on behalf of the University of Cambridge Museums) to commission a new digital sound work for Cambridge.

The commission will give the selected artist access to one or more of the collections to devise a new work. Partnership museums include the Fitzwilliam Museum, The Polar Museum, Kettle’s Yard and the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

The commission will take place between July 2014 – October 2014 culminating in a new public work presented during the Curating Cambridge event between 20 October and 5 November.

The project and commission aims to increase awareness of the rich number of collections and artefacts held within the Cambridge Museums and the potential to open these up to new audiences. It also sits within the context of an increased interest in the use of digital devices in the museums in terms of interpretation and experience design.

Metal will provide residency space and technical support for the selected artist at Chauffeurs Cottage in Peterborough.


The Seven Heads of Gog MaGog

A new art commission by Emma Florence Bausor with Paul Rooney for University of Cambridge Museums with Metal, Peterborough. Going online in late October 2014.

The autodidact ‘poly-myth-storian’ EF Bausor has developed ‘The Seven Heads of Gog Magog’, a digital artwork that will be presented online and in a selection of University of Cambridge Museums from 20th October to 21st December 2014. Over seven days Bausor will upload seven spoken-sung mp3 ‘oracles’ which have been ‘uttered’ by seven artefacts from three museums: The Fitzwilliam Museum; The Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology; and The Polar Museum. Each oracle will be accompanied by a blog post which will attempt to elucidate its meaning.

The oracles and the blog posts will explore – with the help of Bausor’s ‘beast-mates’ and the myths of Orpheus, Syd Barrett, Rat and Mole, TC Lethbridge and others – the possibility of a return to the ‘real gods’, to the old forces of life, death and the imagination. The commission is a collaborative project with artist Paul Rooney, who has assisted with the sound element, University of Cambridge Museums, and the arts organisation Metal, Peterborough. The work will be part of Curating Cambridge.

Post 1: Oracle the first: From the head of a Thracian

Post 2: Oracle the second: From the head of a Demi – God

Post 3: Oracle the third: From the head of Great God

Post 4: Oracle the fourth: From the head of a Mouse

Post 5: Oracle the fifth: From the head of a Horse

Post 6: Oracle the sixth: From the head of a Deer

Post 7: Oracle the Seventh: From the head of an Evenk 


Post 6 Starr Carr Head Dress

Image of Starr Carr Head Dress Reproduced by permission of the University of Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, 1953.61 B

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