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he Other MA (TOMA) is an alternative art education model set up in 2015 by practicing artist, Emma Edmondson, working in partnership with Metal.

Designed to fit the everyday lives of contemporary artists TOMA is a response to the barriers that some face in accessing many traditional art MA models (work & family commitments, cost, geography).

Ten students are selected each year by a panel of tutor mentors, previous artist participants and representatives from Metal.  Once selected, TOMA artists directly steer the study programme (working with administrative support from Metal) choosing those who come to teach on it and the topics explored. TOMA artists also host public facing projects and exhibitions as part of their time on the course.

TOMA is currently based at Metal in Southend.

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See below, a number of images and flyers from the 2016 programme of TOMA activities, exhibitions and fundraising events.

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photo1 TOMAGroupBruce2016-5 IMG_8136

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TomaBeecroftFeb2017-13 TomaRichardWentworth2017-10 TomaBeecroftFeb2017-32 IMG_0078 IMG_9546 IMG_8814 IMG_9623 IMG_9973 IMG_9151 IMG_9456 IMG_9521 GriseldaPollock2017-2 IMG_9650 IMG_8559 IMG_9073 IMG_9081

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