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The Other MA (TOMA) is a 12-month artist-run education model based in Southend-on- Sea. TOMA is currently the only postgraduate level art programme in Essex after all others were stopped by their host Universities. It was set up in 2016 to offer responsive, affordable, accessible art education to artists.



OPEN DAYS ~ 12-8pm, Wednesday 28 August @ The Old Waterworks, North Road, Southend-on-Sea, SS0 7AB ~

~ 12-8pm, Saturday 14 September @ Metal, Chalkwell Hall, Chalkwell Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, SS0 8NB ~ **join us for an open crit from 12-3pm**

Designed to fit the everyday lives of 21st century artists TOMA was created in response to the hierarchies surrounding accessing higher education. Obstacles which uphold these hierarchies include a lack of mental + physical space to self-invest due to other life commitments, which is often required when taking on further education. Hidden hierarchies such as not having the art specific language needed to access the contemporary art world or a certain art school training which can make a traditional MA feel inaccessible.
Other obstacles can take the form of time, cost, age, geography, disability, gender + ethnicity as well as needing to care for family or work commitments. TOMA works with those who do not have a formal art education or have been out of art learning for a while + want a route into entering contemporary critical thought; as well as those fresh out of an undergraduate degree or those who have come to art later in life. We are also particularly interested in women who have been concentrating on supporting a family, or single parents who are just now finding time + support to commit further to their art practice. TOMA especially welcomes those from communities under-represented in the contemporary art world, particularly artists living with a disability, artists of colour + LGBTQIA artists looking to further their creative education.

TOMA is open to all + welcomes everyone. We want our programme + the dialogues within it to represent the diverse world we live in.

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See below, a number of images and flyers from the 2016 programme of TOMA activities, exhibitions and fundraising events.

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