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Village Green 2013

Village Green 2013 was on 13 July 2013. For Village Green 2014, click here.

Read an article from The Observer (Sunday 14 July), The Guardian (Wed 17 July) and listen to Wilko’s interview onBBC Essex Radio.

We have more photos on our Facebook page and videos on our YouTube channel. Also check out the Echo and theEnquirer coverage.

Here is DJ CULL’s podcast from Village Green and another great set of photos.

…and a fantastic video from Sparky Media:


METAL Presents: Official Village Green film 2013 from SPARKY FILM on Vimeo.


To view the full programme for Village Green 2013 please click here. 


Simon Poulter, Metal’s Artistic Curator, has also written:

Wilko Johnson played Metal’s Village Green Festival on a scorching hot Saturday evening in July. Since announcing his diagnosis with terminal cancer in January 2013, the legendary open-handed, machine gun guitarist has gone about his life in an extraordinary fashion. A guitarist’s guitarist since the pre-punk era – with recent renewed acclaim – Wilko has met the greatest challenge that anyone can face with a series of intimate interviews, blasting gigs and outright humanity; to foil the idea that cancer is a disease that must be hidden away.
At Village Green emotions were high as middle-aged men openly wept at the front of the crowd, while others danced along. Wilko, Norman and Dylan delivered their best, as Southend basked in the sun. It has to be remembered that Norman Watt-Roy occupies a special place in the all time list of British bass players. Listen to the virtuoso bass playing on Ian Dury and the Blockhead’s seminal album ‘New Boots and Panties’. Clearly, Wilko has connected with the emotion that appears before him and allowed that in – to charge him through this part of his life.
At Koko in Camden earlier in the year, Sean Mcloughlin (Village Green Producer) and I watched Wilko and band thrash through a set with a packed audience. At that point it felt like these were the last few gigs – but Wilko has defied any idea of putting down the black and red Telecaster and lined up Summer 2013 dates. Walking up the back stage ramp at Village Green, Sean pointed out one of Wilko’s Telecasters lying ready for action. You will soon be able to buy one of these from Fender with Wilko’s signature on the back. Mid-way through the set, Wilko slips into one of his best songs – Paradise – with a few word changes ringing out to his great love, Irene. “A thousand highways you don’t live twice Only one road to paradise… to paradise… to paradise.”





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