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Metal & Bido Lito! are proud to present Vinyl Station, a place for Liverpool’s music lovers to come together in the shared experience of the vinyl album.


In 2015 Metal and Bido Lito! launched Vinyl Station, a new series of record listening parties in Liverpool.

Vinyl Station is a new event where Liverpool’s music community can come together to share in the communal experience of listening to an album. The project is about exploring, celebrating and critiquing new music.

Presented at Metal’s iconic spaces at Edge Hill station, Vinyl Station takes place every second Monday of the month and features an unreleased album played in its entirety, with real care paid to the quality of the listening experience.

There will then be a chance for people to share their responses to the work and muse on its place in the broader state of music.  This section will be hosted by Liverpool muso and esteemed DJ Bernie Connor, the host of the iconic Sound Of Music podcast.

Featured albums will be announced each month, so follow Metal and Bido Lito! on social media or check in with the Metal website for updates.

Twitter: @MetalLiverpool

Facebook: Metal Liverpool