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Future Network is a quarterly virtual event co-programmed by our teams across the UK (in Liverpool, Peterborough and Southend). Throughout the year, we invite artists to host online sharings in response to a theme and also present accompanying material through a contribution to Metal’s website. For this Future Network the theme is Test, Try, Fail and we welcome artists Andrew Ibi, Monique Jackson, Roxanne Carney and Tijs van Bakel.

Test, Try, Fail is a celebration of experimenting and the processes that move us forward through mistakes, mishaps, and the under appreciated art of getting things wrong. For this special first event, we invite artists to respond to their own creative processes, wandering and exploration, share their working out, missteps, happy accidents, changes of mind, and the ideas that just had to get scrapped to start again. Join us to explore those nebulous processes that led to unexpected wins, chances taken, and the delightful disasters or wild schemes that never should have worked but did. There is no place for perfection in our creative journey so if at first you don’t succeed, fail and fail again.

Roxanne Carney

Roxanne is a theatre maker, performer and producer born and bred in Essex. She makes work that creates discussions around our social injustices. She likes making work around ‘the Essex stereotype’, feminism and our environment. Roxanne’s work is responsive to what is happening and urgent in the world so the work might look different every time you see her.​

I’m The Hero Of This Story

‘I’m The Hero Of This Story’ is a great example of the theme ‘Test, Try, Fail’ being explored through Roxanne’s work. The show merges spoken word, embarrassing dance moves and accounts of failure to show what it is like to be a young millennial in modern Britain.

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Roxanne Carney – Future Network: Test, Try, Fail