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Village Green Festival, Southend, England

Hurrah! Thank you all so much for coming to this year’s VILLAGE GREEN – all 25,000 of you grown-ups, teens, kids and babies!
We had a fantastic day yesterday – with a great, friendly vibe in the crowd, on stage, backstage, in tents, out on the fields.
Big thanks to our 2,000 strong army of artists, performers, staff, crew, and super big thanks to our 200 dedicated volunteers.

See you – same time, same place – 9th of July 2016 (For those of you who can’t wait you can get your hands on tickets here.

Please give us your feedback about this year’s event HERE: what was your favourite moment and what would you like us to improve next year?

Photo above: Roland Gift, Village Green 2015, Photo by Benedict Johnson.

METAL presents: Village Green 2015 from SPARKY FILM on Vimeo.