The Team

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Mark Richards, Director & interim CEO: Peterborough (He/Him)

Andrea Cunningham, Director: Southend (She/Her)

Shaun Curtis, Director: Liverpool (He/Him)

Simone Kelly, Marketing & Communications Manager (She/Her)

Devon Holcombe, Finance Manager: Cross-Site (She/Her)

Ruth Campbell, Senior Project Manager: Peterborough (She/Her)

Paige Ockendon, Senior Project Manager: Southend (She/Her)

Thea Behrman, Senior Project Manager: Southend (She/Her)

Jenny Porter, Senior Project Manager: Liverpool (She/Her)

Sarah Steenhorst, Project Manager: Peterborough (She/Her)

Hannah Clarke, Project Manager: Southend (She/Her)

Stef Bradley, Project Manager: Liverpool (She/Her)

Emma Mills, Mental Wellbeing Co-ordinator: Southend (She/Her)

Ian Wilson, Class Facilitator: Southend (He/Him)

Steph Stevenson, Company Administrator, Southend (She/Her)

Jack Wilkin, Administrator: Peterborough (Them/They or He/Him)

Adjowa Afful, Administrator: Southend (She/Her)

Jon Davies, Administrator: Liverpool (He/Him)