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Acrojou – Blending theatre, acrobatics, bespoke structures and sublime visuals, Acrojou create contemporary circus productions for events worldwide. Recognised as one of the leading street theatre and circus companies in the UK, Acrojou’s work has been seen live by hundreds of thousands of people across 18 countries since their first commission for London’s Trafalgar Square Festival in 2006.

Led by Artistic Director Jeni Barnard, the company was founded in 2006 at the National Centre for Circus Arts, London. Drawing on backgrounds in circus, visual art, theatre, dance and engineering, Acrojou combine these disciplines to create narrative at the rich meeting point of bodies, structures and materials.


Whilst in residence Acrojou would engage in planning and design of a new show, host facilitated conversations and workshops as well as inviting collaborators to join in the converstaion.