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Aisha Zia

Aisha Zia is working with Eastern Angles and Metal as part of their Time and Space Residency in schools and community groups across Peterborough on a new project about food sustainability, food waste, food poverty and resilience which will aim to raise awareness, look at food and the community, supermarket waste, homelessness and child poverty. The new play will challenge all our attitudes to food and waste but also look at migration, how our cities can cope with crisis, growing food in urban gardens and making better use of dead spaces in an imagined world. Aisha will write and produce the play, to be staged at the Undercroft, beneath Tesco’s in Serpentine Green Shopping Centre. This will be part of Eastern Angles ‘Engine Room’ artistic programming for October.

Aisha was also one of the x10 commissioned artists for the Harvest Festival  – read more here.