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Borbála Soós

Borbála Soós (1984, Budapest) is a Peterborough-based curator and an active advocate, participant and organiser of artistic and ecological research. Between 2012 and 2019 she was director/curator at Tenderpixel, a research-based art gallery in Central London. Her recent curatorial projects have been developed in collaboration with Artquest and the Horniman Museum and Gardens, London; Camden Arts Centre, London; OFF-Biennale, Budapest; Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest; Futura Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague; tranzit, Bratislava; and upcoming with CCA Derry~Londonderry; Kunsthalle Bratislava and the botanical garden in Bratislava.

Borbála’s practice responds to, disrupts and enriches environmental thinking and related social, political and decolonial urgencies. As part of her residency with Metal, she will research endemic and alien/invasive plants and their treatment in Cambridgeshire and more widely in the UK as metaphors for how people (refugees, economic and climate migrants etc) are treated. “I am a relative newcomer in Peterborough, hence as a way of rooting myself in the landscape, I would like to collect case studies that speak to the local circumstances, as well as the possibilities or restrictions on how seeds and other bodies are allowed to travel, including crossing borders. I want to reflect on how certain invasive species become ‘enemies’ while other rare, or near extinct species might be dubbed as ‘victims’. I expect to find stories of grounding and uprootedness, belonging and loss, of hope and connections through the global circulation of food, ideas and traditions as people travel with their seeds.”