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Whilst in residence Poet and Spoken Word artist Byron Vincent will be devising a new spoken word show. The piece is to be an exploration of thought, truth and our collective anxiety.

Fake news, climate change (and it’s denial), that bloke from Home Alone Two in the White house, celebrities dropping like MySpace shares, trout pouting narcissists, unexpected items in the bagging area, the threat of thermonuclear war, fidget spinners.

He’s aiming for a witty, lyrical and unique spoken word comedy show that turns a satirical eye to both his personal and our collective existential crises.

One of BBC poetry season’s New Talent Choices, Byron Vincent is a regular at the nation’s most prestigious literary and music festivals. He has performed several times on television and national radio, including Channel 4’s Random Acts, Radio 4’s Bespoken Word and BBC 3’s The Verb. He has written several documentaries including ‘Hell Is Other People’ a self help guide to social anxiety. He was poet in residence for the South West of England for Apples and Snake’s groundbreaking poetry project My Place or Yours. He was co-founder, compere, producer and programmer for one of The UK’s most highly regarded Spoken Word nights at The Bristol Old Vic. Byron has worked as a writer and performer on several theatre projects including The RSC’s Midsummer Night’s dreaming. He is also co-creator of bespoke story telling project Made Up, which in its first year won commissions from both MAYK’s Mayfest in Bristol and Escalator East.