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Caitlin Heffernan

Caitlin’s work adapts and transforms ‘domestic objects’ to create sculptural forms inspired by elements drawn from social and personal histories . She is interested in ideas surrounding memory, home and the social. She also creates immersive environments that use traditional craft techniques like sewing and embroidery, with drawing and photography. Domestic objects, fabrics and family photographs have all triggered many of her works with materials such as wallpaper, curtains and furniture coverings offering the chance to rework familiar patterns. These create a surreal ‘netherworld’ between waking and dreaming where images, shapes and memories morph.

For Harvest, Caitlin has created a series of processional cloths and capes that seek to celebrate women as part of the Harvest celebrations. Drawing inspiration from Peterborough Cathedral’s diamond shaped ceiling portraits and medieval imagery, Caitlin has created a series of living ‘portraits’ for the Harvest Wain parade on Saturday evening. Symbolic imagery relating to the seasonal fruits, flowers and ‘God’s eyes’ ( a pagan symbol of the elements and fertility) will be embedded within each symbolic cape. These have been produced in collaboration with local craft collective Handmade in Peterborough and the Women’s Institute.