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Casson & Friends

Tim Casson is a choreographer, educator and performer, creating for theatre, public, unusual and online spaces. With his company, ‘Casson & Friends’, Tim brings together diverse collaborators including composers, computer programmers, psychologists, and often the public – to create ‘People Powered Performance’ that is accessible, interactive, joyful, and often starts with a conversation. 


The company creates work for theatres, public, unusual and online spaces; often using technology within and around their work to create innovative and meaningful ways for people to engage with and enjoy dance. The work strives to be accessible to everyone, celebrating the creativity within us all, and helping people feel part of something bigger. 


Since starting in 2012, the company has created 12 productions including ‘Choreocracy’, ‘Night at the Theatre’, and the World Record Breaking, ‘The Dance WE Made’. Tim has also worked with Stopgap Dance Company, Opera North, Skånes Dansteater in Malmö, Théâtre du Capitole in Toulouse, Festival Quartiers Danses in Montreal. 


During Tim’s Remote Residency he plans to continue to research his project ‘PREPPERS’ – a verbatim dance theatre project about hope, human resilience, optimism, and how we survive the toughest of situations.


At the start of 2019 Tim became interested in Emergency Survival and Preparedness in the United Kingdom. This led him to interview members of the survival and preparedness community, from survival psychologists to local councillors, emergency planners and those who personally prepare (aka ‘preppers’). These interviews became the foundation for the ‘PREPPERS’ project. 


Originally due to be developed and premiered in Summer 2020, the ‘PREPPERS’ project was paused (ironically) due to the global pandemic – one of the very things he had been researching. The world has changed significantly over the last 12 months, and as such emergency preparation is something that more people are talking about. 18 months since his first round of interviews, Tim will take time to interview further members of this community including academics, more ‘prepping’ enthusiasts, and those who have started ‘prepping’ in light of recent events. These new interviews will continue to inform the project and develop Tim’s verbatim dance theatre practice.


Headshot image credit: Rachel Cherry

Dancer image credit: Alisa Boanta