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Charley Genever

Charley Genever is a poet and creative producer from Peterborough. Her practise has two major strands; performance and written poetry centred around the female experience. She is unapologetic and playful in her use of language, often taking censored topics and vulnerable revelation to empower herself and others to redefine what it means to be a woman.

Charley has published a collection of poetry (Unsexed, bX3) and had poems included in several anthologies including WOMAN (Mud Press, 2017), and Madder Than We Look (Write Minds, 2017). Her journey into the arts began through the Peterborough’s Creative People and Places. Because of this, her work is rooted in local community engagement projects seeking to empower audiences, with a particular strength in young peoples’ projects. Charley is the Vice Chair of Syntax Poetry Festival committee, founder Freak Speak Poetry Night, and manages the city’s Poet Laureate programmes.

During her remote residency Charley will be focusing on how to showcase her work digitally. Experimenting with visual poetry, developing skills in sewing, fashion for a period of research and development for a new project ‘Aesthetic’. She is keen to explore how poetry can be consumed visually and will focus on ‘wearable poetry’ in response to researching why women wear slogans on their clothes.

Photo Credit: Leah Barfield