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Charlotte Bosanquet

Belfast based artist Charlotte Bosanquet performs, directs and facilitates actions, performances and events that generally question the pre-existing structures that constitute the relationship between ‘artist’ and ‘audience’. She aims to integrate the audience by making them proactive in the work itself and attempts to democratize their encounter by using site specific actions to encourage shared experiences.

For the Harvest Festival, Charlotte has been working with the Huntington and Peterborough Women’s Institute in creating a new folk mythology that will be unveiled in the Harvest Wain Procession on the Saturday 19th September. Six women from the WI have been given a bespoke garment to customise and wear during the procession. The garments celebrate folk tradition, harvest and women’s roles whilst also looking at the Centenary of the WI this year. Working with Peterborough based choreographer Kate Marsh, movement will be explored to display the symbolism within the garments.