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George Barrett (Xidus Pain)

George Barrett, also known as Xidus Pain, is a multi-disciplined Rap Artist who specialises in delivering Lyric Writing workshops. He was mentored by HipHop legends Sugarhill Gang and Grand Master Melle Mel and Featured regularly on BBC Radio as a guest Freestyler. He has worked with Street Sounds records and has been featured on songs alongside legends such as Special Ed, Sadat X (Brand Nubian), El da sensei (Artifacts), Michael Mcdonald, Sheena Easton, Peabo Bryson and many more.

Xidus has had a passion for being part of Theatre and music since he was a teenager, working for an organisation called Unity Syndicate as a Musician/Actor and got to perform at the Royal Albert Hall, The Junction (Cambridge) and at Pop in the Park to name a few.

He is also a Director for music organisation Beat This who deliver music workshops in and around East Anglia. Alongside this he also works for Finding Rhythms, which involves working with inmates in Prisons. Xidus has recently been made manager of global organisation Generation HipHop in the UK and has been planning workshops in other countries with Chairmen Curtis Young (son of Dr Dre), Ndaba Mandela (Grandson of Nelson Mandela) and other well-known artists in over 60 countries.

For his Remote Residency Xidus would like to develop a play that is modern and reflects society. Being a person of African heritage in Peterborough, he feels that there is very little if not any plays at all with an equal ethnic balance in lead roles that have been created here so would like to write a play, script and music for a new diverse play that will give a voice to some of the voiceless people in the city.

His main focus will be to have a better understanding of the script writing process and to begin writing a song or spoken word piece which will feature in the play. The play will be based on stories of African heritage and will explore stories and parables of African origin. Another focus will be Researching traditional African music, old and new, as well as clothing for costumes so that he can combine different traditions and techniques to create something new.