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Hector Dyer

Hector started out making street performances in Bristol with DIY costumes to create interventions in public spaces. These developed into larger outdoor processions which revolved around audience interaction and support. Hector’s practice is self-taught and they now work across performance, writing, hand sewing and assemblage. They are exploring places of energy production and extraction – nuclear power stations, geothermal springs, decommissioned plants – and the technological spirits that live on. 

Hector is starting a new series of works which focus on discarded fabrics, lost objects, electrical and technological waste. Participation is key to their work and they look to to work with young people on ideas around ecology and the future. 

Hector’s work has been shown in venues including Tate Modern, Tate Liverpool, Barbican Centre and the National Maritime Museum. 

They are an artistic associate of Hackney Showroom who produce their solo work Thank You For Your Patience (2017 – ongoing). Hector collaborates with Triptych, a London-based collective who work on the principle that humans, nature and technology must coexist to create a better future. They are also a member of Design Yourself Collective who explore what it means to be human when technology is changing everything.