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Henry Stead – Poet & Educator

The Maenad Project explores the expression of human nature in extremes. It blends classical (ancient Greek and Roman) culture with experimental physical theatre and the deeper end of the dance floor. It is a collaboration between poet and educator Henry Stead, physical theatre-maker Henry McGrath, ​Czech-based ​musician and director of Methlab Jef Oswald​, and Bosnian actor Ilda Bisić​.  We are working on a physical, tech-fuelled version of Medea, based on Seneca’s ancient version of the play.

The figure of Medea embodies the dark magic of antiquity clashing with the blackest depths of modernity.

​ We aim to tap into the ritual origins of the tragedy, stripping away preconceptions of the experience of classical drama, and carry audiences anew through the terror and trauma of the Medean experience.