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Iain Chambers

Whilst in residence at Metal artist Iain Chambers will be developing and showcasing a new show exploring UK attitudes to the EU, performed by Oceanallover, a renowned troupe of 12 players/singers/dancers, with songs composed by Iain Chambers & Catherine Carter.


This non-partisan work explores Brexit in a sensitive, even-handed way. Coinciding with ‘Exit Day’ – the most significant political event in Britain in many UK lifetimes – ‘Goodbye EU’ asks audiences to reflect on our relationship with Europe. Lyrics are drawn solely from UK voter attitudes during 2016’s vote, and from new interviews with voters. The music and costumes will develop from these words also.


The 2016 referendum was a simplification of a complicated issue. The reduction of the UK electorate into either Leave/Remain factions is central to this work, with music, lyrics and costumes all switching allegiance mid-verse, and exactly the same prominence given to each. In this way, the piece asks audiences to consider whether UK attitudes to Europe are more nuanced than a simple binary split. Attitudes towards Brexit continue to change, and ‘Goodbye EU’ presents both sides of the debate.