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Irene Izquierdo

Irene Izquierdo is a multidisciplinary artist, filmmaker and teacher based in Berlin. She has a background in Documentary Direction, Art in Public Space (MFA), Fine Arts (Licentiate), Education and Self-Organization.

The main focus of Irene’s artistic practice lies on observing and questioning societal norms and behaviours. She often observes herself and others with the fascination of a scientist, trying to understand what are the motives behind our actions and how we construct our identity in relation to our environment. In her films and participatory projects she proposes situations that encourage people to unlearn imposed beliefs, creating their own meaning.

Irene’s methodology is often process-based, improvised and experimental. Starting each project with a question, her work evolves organically as she finds answers and new questions that arise in the making.

She combines her artistic practice with freelance film-making and teaching, and mentors Documentary Direction students at filmArche, a self-organized film school in Berlin.

She has participated in projects, residencies and exhibitions internationally: Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (GE); Viva! Art Action Festival, Montreal (CA); Nairobi National Museum (KE); The Basement, Brighton (UK); Laboratory of the Arts, Valladolid (ES).

During her residency at Metal Liverpool Irene will be facilitating a participatory research project. The goal of “Spatial Affordance Research – Liverpool” will be to imagine (and possibly test) new spatial possibilities and uncommon uses of public space. Participants will fuel the process with their ideas and be able to work with a variety of media such as photography, drawing, talks, text, interventions and video.

Aušra will be in residence as part of the Cre-Art Residency opportunity in partnership with Liverpool City Council. More information here: