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Jane Hoodless

Visual artist, Jane Hoodless is inspired by the criminal, the cultural and the curious. The thread that runs through her practice is the desire to know why people do what they do. Or did what they did.

Having combined words and images all her life, (as an art director, scriptwriter and an artist); the visual narratives she produces are presented with conviction and consideration, and rooted in considerable research. Jane’s work exists in an almost timeless space; where centuries of hopes and fears are probed, plundered and repackaged to challenge, provoke thought and inspire.

The mediums and techniques she uses are largely determined by concept, often transposing traditional skills with unconventional materials, which has initiated work in a wide range of both. This diversity of craft skills melding with the production of conceptual art was instrumental in her being awarded Cockpit Arts’ ACE-funded inaugural artist residency.

Having latterly discovered generations of her paternal forefathers all worked with their hands; making stuff is in Jane’s blood, whether she is painting dead men’s words on hoods, carving stone or weaving a wedding cake out of hair.

While in residence, Jane plans to further research and develop a project she has been working on over the last few years. CHANGING ROOM will be a new body of work (a touring exhibition, talks, and workshops) that explores the history and hysteria of the menopause. This ambitious project aims to challenge some of the associated negative connotations, shed new light on this complex subject, and encourage interaction and debate.