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Jessica Reeves

Jessica Reeves is an artist from Southend-on-Sea, where she manages Project Space for The Other MA (TOMA), an artist-run art education programme. She is in her final year of BA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. In Jessica’s practice she uses low-hierarchy materials such as household waste and embraces the amateurism of DIY and craft skills. She finds a richness in working with materials which have already had a lifespan, for example recycled paper and organic matter. They are a practical choice due to their abundance and accessibility, and allow her to minimise the environmental impact of her practice. Recently she has been creating ‘fire bricks’ by combining paper pulp with organic matter and compressing it, a survivalist method of making fuel. 


During the remote residency with Metal, Jessica will continue exploring the sculptural potential of paper pulp in some collaborative projects, which consider the therapeutic qualities of art making and alternative ways of accessing art.