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Justin Coe and Jacqueline Johnson

Justin Coe and Jacqueline Johnson

Poetry Crackers is a collaborative multi arts project led by Justin Coe and Jacqueline Johnson, which is rooted in their shared interest in producing new writing and imaginative creative practices for children. Working with young people throughout the residency, the project will explore the significance of special days and celebrations through a kaleidoscope of interpretations, from poetry to imaginative play.

Justin Coe is a poet and spoken word theatre creator, specialising in work for young audiences. He is the author of the book The Dictionary of Dads (Otter-Barry Books, published May 2017) and the writer/performer of ten spoken word theatre shows, including The Jumble Book and Big Wow Small Wonder. A popular visitor to schools across the country, Justin is also currently touring with Papertale Productions’ Boys Don’t and his brand new Arts Council England funded solo show Young Herbert’s Horrors – produced by Half Moon Theatre.

Jacqueline Johnson is a writer, academic and creative practitioner, with an interest in textual re-presentation. Her published and performed work comprises an eclectic mix for all ages, including poetry, children’s theatre and literary history. In 2011 she founded Jacqson Diego Story Emporium, a non-profit organisation that was borne in response to the curiosity she identified in children during an outreach project. Currently resident in multiple schools, Jacqueline creates projects that ask young people to respond to what they perceive in books and stories in tangible ways.