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Kana Waiwaiku – Photographer

London based Photographer Kana Waiwaiku studied at the prestigious Central Saint Martins, London.

Fascinated with the relationship between the photographer and his subject he began to ambitiously strive to communicate a very special side of personalities, to recognize the special and rare atmosphere of the moment and combine them into an image.

“I have imagined photography as a journey with no space-time boundaries, an amalgamation of the classical aesthetics with a modern medium.

Photography in itself is very paradoxical, there’s the presentation/performance side that the sitter is participating almost solo in and then there’s the silent dialogue between the sitter and the photographer. This is a basic human phenomenon and there lies the romance. Especially when the two paths divide.

Who you are as a manifestation to the outside world and how one reacts to a camera will always have a result on the final image. My images depend on photography’s inherent tendency to break down boundaries and tell stories.

All my pieces feature strength and beauty, even if it’s not immediately obvious. It also depends on how you view strength and how you view beauty, your reaction to the work says more about you than you probably realize. It speaks of your views, your wants, your background and how you view the world. This, of course, can alter over time. After all, we’re humans.

Whilst at Metal I plan to develop my first solo exhibition – an exploration into humans,  just as the world shifts further and further away from real human interaction. An oath to try to recognize our common humanity and vulnerabilities.”