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Kimberly Harvey

Kimberley Harvey will spend her time at Metal developing Subtle Kraft Co’s current work ‘Moments: Revisited’. Following exciting performance opportunities, including in the Raphael Gallery at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Kimberley wants to continue exploring how the piece can take on a more installation-like feel in order to inhabit a space; alongside sharing it with an audience. She also aims to keep playing with and deepening movement relationships between the dancers; and the interactions between dancers and audience.

Kimberley co- founded Subtle Kraft Co. in 2011 with friend and fellow dancer, Anna Bergstrom. As a dance company they aim to create work that appeals to their sense of curiosity, working wih the complexities of relationships and what it means to be human.

For this project Kimberley will be working with dancers Kitty Fedorec and Robert Hesp. Follow the dancers residency on twitter at @Kimblecake, @RobertHesp, @TechniqueEx #SubtleKraftCo #MomentsRevisited