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Laura Trevail

My work is to listen to the context of a place, a problem, a need or an idea; and to craft that information into practical experience, opportunity and manifestation.


My training and background is in theatre, writing, sculpture, data relationships, human behaviour, horror, connected devices and value exchange. They play together well.


I make works in connected technology, performance, visual art, transport innovation, and written practice. I seek to play an active part in building a brave, exciting, kind, practical and exceptionally well functioning future for all of us.


The world is made of love and fear, and not always in the right place. I’m interested in that. I’m interested in cause and effect. I’m interested in what we think we see.


I am to make glancing work with long-term resonance, like the memory of a kind word or the lasting shiveriness of a ghost story. Sometimes it’s head stuff, sometimes heart. Always gut.