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Macoto Murayama

In 2013, Japanese artist Macoto Murayama was at Chalkwell Hall for his artist-in-residence stay.

His work is concerned with cultivating inorganic flora.  He chooses flowers, for example the exquisite Lathyrus odoratus L., dissects the flower by cutting the petal and ovary with scalpel and observes it with a magnifying glass. He then sketches and photographs the parts of dissected flower, models its form and structure using 3ds Max (3DCG software). and renders separate parts  to create a composition using Adobe Photoshop.

The final result is not only an image of a plant, but a representation of the intellect’s power and its elaborate tools for scrutinizing nature. The transparency of this work refers not only to the lucid petals of a flower, but to the ambitious, romantic and utopian struggle of science to see and present the world as transparent (completely seen, entirely grasped) object.

For more information, see the Frantic Gallery’s website.

Macoto’s solo exhibition took place at Metal Liverpool 4 July – 26 October 2014