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Madhu Manipatruni

Madhu is a multidisciplinary artist living in Peterborough. Her practice includes drawing, painting and digital artwork that traverse national boundaries. She likes to use simple materials, such as paper, ink, charcoal and find themes through experimentation, exploration. Her ideas and themes revolve around the concept of roots and identity, threads of connection, ideas of beauty and the role of art in the digital age. She creates works on paper, drenched in colour influenced by a combination of Indian miniature and folk-art traditions.

She is also a practicing Creative Technologist, holds an MA in Creative Technology from De Montfort University, Leicester. She engages with digital tools as collaborator to create drawings that are visually exciting and innovative. She makes Kinetic drawings on paper using ink and experimental tools. These drawings are used as basis for the generative artworks. Her work was exhibited across UK and India.

Currently, she wants to explore the threads of connection with her Indian roots with diverse groups in Peterborough. During her childhood, she came into contact with Saura tribal people whilst visiting family over summer holidays. She was fascinated by their incredible creativity and skills to build their surroundings with bamboo and clay. Saura women would smear red clay with their bare hands on the mud houses. They celebrated nature and prayed to the same. Madhu describes this as her roots, the earthen people, clay pottery and mud houses. She is keen to explore a process, create body of work using clay, intuitive mark making inherited across diverse cultural and social backgrounds.

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