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Michelle Peterkin-Walker

Michelle Peterkin-Walker is a socially engaged artist, activist and videographer. Her practice combines photography and design to create digital artworks and often focuses on positive everyday images of life that take inspiration from people, places, symbols within African history and culture. She is a Digital Artist who has been self-employed for four years. From her illustrations, photography and graphic design, she produces framed art, greeting cards, t-shirts, key rings, prints etc. Michelle combines photography and design to create digital art, and has been a Videographer for over twenty years and enjoys engaging with audiences through Art. Since 2018, Michelle has been expanding my arts practice to encompass Artivism (Art & Activism) to create socially engaging art. Spending a lifetime seeing negative representations of African people, Michelle creates positive everyday images of life that resonate the beautiful, interesting and diversely dynamic history and culture. Michelle’s work looks at people, places, symbols. Exploring, not just the aesthetics, but also the functionality of art, its benefits in everyday use. Michelle’s art interacts with different light sources. The audience will relate to the familiarity of some images, but engage with new messages as well as bringing their own interpretations to the symbolism and abstract art. Ultimately, Michelle’s aim to make art accessible and affordable, creating work that the average person connects with and displays in their home.