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Nisha Keshav

Artist Nisha Keshav has exhibited locally and nationally, lectured in photography and travelled the world through commissions and sponsorship. She has been combining photography and caring for the elderly when needed. Nisha believes that we can understand a character of the subject better through their surroundings, rather than in a sterile studio environment. 


In 2019, Nisha was commissioned by Peterborough City Museum and Art Gallery to photograph eight individuals, to celebrate the rich culture and diverse ethnic backgrounds of Peterborians and their lives through their treasured possessions. The exhibition ‘Treasured People and Possessions’ ran from February 2019 to June 2019. In 2015, Peterborough City Art Gallery offered and supported a solo exhibition from Nisha’s prizewinning series ‘Lines in the Landscape’ after winning the Maxwell Memorial Prize in 2014. ‘Lines in the Landscape’ was Nisha’s contemplative study of the farmed landscape of Holme Fen- Cambridgeshire, with emphasis on both natural and man-made lines that make up the fabric of the Fens. 

This project reflected Nisha, her character and the way she works often in a solitary and meditative way. Throughout her career, Nisha has enjoyed combining her love for portraiture, travel and landscapes and that has been the main theme in my commissions and personal projects. 


For Nisha’s Residency she will be exploring the impact Covid-19 has had on mental and physical health of the elderly. Protecting the elderly from Covid-19 has been a priority but at what cost? Sadly, this well-intentioned agenda has also led to serious problems. Loss of both mental and physical function. Enforced social isolation and loneliness have led to acute mental and physical anguish for many elderly citizens.


Drawing on her own experience as working as carer before and during the pandemic Nisha plans to document through photography and film the impact Covid-19 has had on the elderly’s mental health and wellbeing.

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