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Old Trunk

Old Trunk is an emerging, new-writing, Southend based theatre company established in 2012. It is the brainchild of Sadie Hasler and Sarah Mayhew, artists with many years of creative experience. Sadie writes, Sarah directs, and they both perform. Old Trunk believe that theatre should be an enriching experience for all. It should engage, transport, promote thought and discussion, while also touching the audience on many levels using strong characters, emotive stories and rich language. Sarah and Sadie want their work to be transportable, to engage with communities, and to give voice to topics that are close to them. They are particularly passionate about creating strong work for women from within an industry that at times does little to represent the female condition, and (sadly, more often) does even less to support the female actor.

As a new writing company it is imperative that Old Trunk continues to create fresh, interesting and progressive work. They are dedicated to creating new plays, not because they don’t love old plays, but because the world is constantly changing. They want to tell new stories in new ways while remaining true to the things that don’t change – the core qualities, struggles, and joys of being human. Old Trunk would use their residency to research and develop their new show, benefitting greatly from having a focused environment, a place to immerse fully in the creative, writing and developing process. All of Old Trunk‚Äôs shows have been developed using other local Creatives and they also involve the local community to feedback on their ideas throughout the creative process. They have a tried and tested ‘workshop and preview’ approach to ensure their work is the strongest it can be before it hits the road. Their work has appeared at Edinburgh Fringe, Camden Fringe, Brighton Fringe, Latitude Festival, Village Green Festival, Pulse Festival, the Leicester Square Theatre and the King’s Head Theatre London to critical acclaim. Their patrons are Jenny Eclair, Deborah Frances-White, and Phill Jupitus.