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Olivia Dedman

Olivia Dedman is a poet from Peterborough. She first started performing her poems in local events just over a year ago. She is passionate that writing, performing and connecting with others through poetry is a great tool for expression and catharsis in the modern age.


Whilst in residence, Olivia is keen to develop a collection of poetry titled Bodies, Beds & Heads. Nearly two years ago, she entered counselling for her battle with an eating disorder and found herself writing poetry to cope. Whilst undertaking the process, Olivia battled with new and overwhelming feelings of suicide and self-harm. The whole time, she continued to write.


As the effects of counselling started to settle, she found herself back in work and with a new sense of rhythm in her life. It was at this time, Olivia felt inspired to use her voice to reach others who have a similar experiences and put together a collection of the poetry written over this time