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Redhawk Logistica

Redhawk Logistica was set up in 2008 by Rob Hewitt as a wide-ranging vehicle to create art work, along with other collaborators, which challenges notions of public ownership, authenticity and freedom of expression. Most of the work is made to be experienced in public spaces (frequently in corporatised environments) and designed to be seen as part of a city’s culture, rather than being ghettoised as art. Many of the interventions are subliminal or ambient in their execution, subltly adding to the atmosphere and meaning of a place.

One of the approaches to extending audiences for the public works has been to make secondary works based on documentation that can be exhibited in art spaces – often as large scale paste-ups. Another has been to produce multiples such as limited editions prints, fridge magnets, posters and cards, as populist and affordable merchandise, that tend to be generated by each project.

Redhawk first worked with Metal on the Harvest project in Peterborough and this was the catalyst to develop a relationship with a space/organisation that can offer a context for nurturing the development of new work in an on-going fashion (rather than the more familiar series of one-off project based engagements with different organisations). Rob would like to develop a travelling market stall/arts intervention that can tour some of the UK’s cities and arts events with its own merchandise, in order to create profile for the Redhawk brand and to start dialogue with people about contemporary civic life. The products will be affordable and will create a context for themselves as playful and accessible objects and artworks.

Rob plans to secure some time to work on ideas for a new range of artworks and products that take their inspiration from other artists’ work. As part of this proposal to develop and consolidate his practice, he hopes to extend his relationship with Metal as a host organisation, taking advantage of Metal’s national network by visiting new cities and considering them as places in which to showcase the resulting work as part of a mini UK tour.