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Remote Residency at Metal: Open Call

Remote Residencies (CLOSED):

Closing Dates: 14 December / 18 January / 15 February 2021




In the Spring we reframed our usual, annual programme of Artists in Residence to create a programme of remote residencies, aiming to support the creatives in Liverpool, Peterborough and Southend-on-Sea.

Examples of recent remote residencies include:

– Charley Genever undertook a period of research for a new project ‘Aesthetic’, exploring how poetry can be consumed visually and created ‘wearable poetry’ in response to researching why women wear slogans on their clothes.

– Artist and Filmmaker Amber Akaunu used the residency to create an open call out for Black people with afro hair to share their “Afro Hair Ritual” for a new film work.

– Sadie Davidson, an award winning slam poet used the residency to explore her first memoir style novel

The goal of the Remote Residencies is to continue providing assistance to local creative communities. There are 3 rounds with each site awarding a total of 6 residencies.


How does it work?

A month-long remote residency at Metal allows you to work from home or studio while accessing support from our staff, networks and resources. Our communications will need to take place remotely, but your work doesn’t need to be done in a digital medium.

Each residency comes with a fee of £1000 granted to the artist in residence in two parts: £500 on award and signing of Remote Residency Contract and £500 on completion of the Remote Residency.


How do I apply?

This focused time and resource is exclusive to artists within our immediate communities. You’re eligible if you live in Peterborough and surrounding villages, all boroughs of the Liverpool City Region or Southend-on-Sea Borough.

In the application form we ask you to share with us:

– How you will use this opportunity; how it will develop your practice; and what relevant help you think we can provide (300-500 words)

– Your biography with links to your previous work (300-500 words)

– Your CV (optional)

We welcome video or audio files as an alternative to filling out the written application form. If you have any questions or another way you would like to suggest to make this process accessible to you, please get in touch with your local site administrator to discuss – contacts are included on the application page.


Image credit:

Amber Akaunu, still taken from ‘Black with a Capital B’. Amber used her remote residency to create an open call out for Black people with afro hair to share their “Afro Hair Ritual” for a new film work.

Laura Campbell ‘What I leave Behind I bring With Me’

Leah Jones and Jade French ‘#Quaranzine’