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Robert Hesp

Robert Hesp is a live-artist and dancer from Leeds, England. Robert is interested in destabilising and dismantling archaic concepts of gender and the presented binaries that exist within contemporary society. His work is constructed from a continuous but shifting queer perspective, and frequently explores the use of mess and abject materials alongside the human form. He is also very interested in the anthropocene and the role of the artist in making work at a time of shifting climate and looming environmental and social catastrophe.

Robert’s focus as a performance maker is heavily centred on the moving body – feeding his creative practice with a continued training in contemporary dance and more recently acrobatics. This pursuit stems from a desire to explore the full capabilities of the body in different forms and contexts – suspended, flying, ground based – instead of in the pursuit of the virtuosic or impossible. For Robert, the attempt or investigation will always be more interesting than the mastery of a technique or form.

Robert performs and presents work both nationally and internationally, having shown work at venues including the V&A Museum and Roundhouse, as well as festivals such as Latitude, SPILL and Buzzcut.