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SharkLegs is a visual theatre company made up of Kezia Cole and Richard Hay. Our mission is to make creative work for the creative audience. In practice this means that we find new ways to explore the links between performer and audience, finding ways of harnessing, encouraging and elucidating the creativity within our audiences’ lives.
Our work strives to find new ways to connect the audience with the creation and realisation of performance work – from hooking our audience up to heart-rate monitors and using their heartbeats to influence the narrative, to asking our audience to create objects to help our heroes – our work is built from the audience, placing them and their creativity front and centre: theatre that is made with an audience, not just for them.

This residency will focus on the creation of a new piece looking at how our desires as consumers have created the underclass of jobs seen in Amazon Warehouses. Working with Bunraku puppetry we will explore the relationship between consumer demand and the working conditions which have arisen to fulfil these increasing demands.

SharkLegs have made works for Hat Fair (Long Broad and Sharpsight), Greenwich Theatre (Snow-Pocalypse), The SouthBank Centre (PaperUS), Portsmouth Theatre Royal (The Hole in the Night) and our work has been featured in The Guardian, Telegraph and The Times (Inevitable Heartbreak of Gavin Plimsole) as well on BBC Breakfast (The Hazelnut Prince) and BBC Radio Four (Inevitable Heartbreak of Gavin Plimsole).