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Spinning Yarns

“Liminal. That interstice between sleeping and wakefulness. This is where the magic happens; where the mind is freed; where the beautiful madness is. This is where the journey begins; where the story starts.”

‘The Edge of Consciousness’ is a collaborative performance project between Andy Collyer and Hannah Brailsford.

Andy is a composer, lyricist, scriptwriter and, most importantly in this case, a collector of dreams. When he began to write his dreams down, He found himself embroidering them, exploring the themes, and the feelings that he woke up with.

Hannah Brailsford is a professional performance storyteller and after Andy sent her the first draft of ‘The Edge of Consciousness’, a compilation of over ninety dream stories, she saw the potential to turn a collection of them into a piece of performance storytelling. After discussions together, it was clear that Andy felt she could lend a voice to his work and that creating original music to underscore the whole piece would be integral to the project.

However, Andy is based in the West Country and Hannah in Southend and Andy is severely agoraphobic, making him a prisoner in his own flat. So, in order to develop and rehearse the project, they will need to work virtually. The residency will help facilitate the creation of both a real and virtual developmental space where the two can actively collaborate to achieve the ultimate aim of producing a performance piece that can be toured to festivals and small scale venues.