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Talia Randall

Talia is an award-winning artist with a growing following. Her work is funny, political and moving.
As a dyslexic who was raised in a house where puns, cheap witticisms and double entendre were art forms of the highest rank Talia found a home in spoken word and developed her voice at the revered Roundhouse Poetry Collective. She now works across artforms.
Coming from a non-traditional arts background, Talia has not undertaken formal training but has a learning-by-doing approach to her work. This ‘anti-discipline’ mentality drives Talia’s curious and evolving multi-disciplinary practice and she is constantly new ways of communicating with audiences.
Talia has been commissioned by major venues such as the Roundhouse to make cross-arts theatre shows, collaborated with filmmakers to make award winning poetry-films and performed across the UK at The Southbank Centre, Battersea Arts Centre, The Roundhouse, Bristol Old Vic, Glastonbury, Latitude, The Edinburgh Fringe and many more.
What Words Are Ours?
Whilst at Metal, Talia will be developing What Words Are Ours? a project that encompasses performances, podcasts and political engagement with various communities.
Words are an implement of power, manipulation and control. Words have kept us down, held us back and locked us up. Words are also a tool of protest, joy and dissent. Words have freed us; we have reclaimed ourselves with words.
What Words Are Ours? is a tongue-twisting, thigh-slapping, tear-jerking night of text-based entertainment featuring some of the UK’s most innovative and daring artists and created and hosted by poetry-clown Talia Randall.
The project will also include ‘salon’ events that are part showcase, part workshop and part networking aimed at artists of all levels of their careers as well as drop-in sessions for new writers who may be telling their stories for their first time. What Words Are Ours? will also be turned into a podcast series