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Talia Randall Lab

Summer 2019 was the launch ‘Talia Randall Lab’, a project designed to help out artists in building their professional toolkit.

The first round of the lab includes fantastic artists Reece Lyons, Kirk-Ann Roberts and Chloë Florence. These artists have been working with artist Talia Randall and producer Emilie Labourey across several areas: demystifying the funding process, practical support on booking a tour, early dramaturgical support, general producing consultancy as well as space at the company studio in London.

Generously supported by Arts Council England and in partnership with the Roundhouse, this project is all about sharing information, doing our best to level the playing field and trying to demystify the arts – there is no point in ‘secret’ knowledge being hoarded by few.

At Metal, all artists will be working on solo projects, but sharing space, insight and support.

Talia Randall: will be developing new poetry about the estate she grew up on and exploring her poetry practice

Kirk-Ann Roberts: is writing a debut play about her experience of migration, dual identity & navigating the UK immigration system. The show incorporates spoken word and music

Reece Lyons and her director Shanay Neusum James are creating devising a show about Lilith, Adam’s first wife. The show reveals the untold feminist story of The Bible and redefines what womanhood has come to mean.

Chloë Florence: having made her first show ‘Smoke Weed Eat Pussy Everyday’ about experiences of homelessness, Chloë will be R&Ding a new solo-show exploring mental health.

Emilie Labourey: will be exploring her own producing practice and reflecting on how she might develop her own company