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The Coach House

The Coach House is not a pub, but it is an artist collective that produces theatre and performance for the price of a pint. It was formed by RJ and Carlos Marfil-Lloyd, who after living and working in different parts of the world, found their home in Liverpool, where they have been making work for 8 years between them. Through creating highly collaborative spaces where the ‘director ’is replaced by a ‘theatre-conductor’, they devise various different styles and formats of theatre, where the collaborators and work is ever changing. Carlos comes from a long career as a technician in the film industry, and he is interested in merging technical film methods with live performance; whereas RJ is all about theatre, physical movement and actor methodologies. The Coach House takes the action outside of the proscenium arch and places it right in the middle of your kitchen, local church, vintage shops or abandoned buildings. They like Reality TV, body organs, and long walks on the beach when it’s not too hot or too cold, while watching the sunset.