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Véronique Chance


Véronique Chance works within a multi-disciplinary art practice that is mainly photography and video-based but also has strong links to performance. Her interests include: The representation of the body in contemporary art, particularly its relationship to performance, technology and documentation and the embodied dynamics of spectatorship; The impact of technology on contemporary art practice/s especially in relation to developments in reproductive media; The cross-disciplinary, cultural and creative dynamics of running as a mode of artistic enquiry and expression.

During her residency at Metal she will be working on the planning and development of The Great River Run, an endurance running and live performance artwork that will follow the trajectory of the river Thames from its source in Gloucestershire, to the mouth of the sea, a distance of over 200 miles. Uses of mobile and Internet technologies will be at the heart of the work and key to its mediation and dissemination as an eventual live event. She will use the opportunity at Metal to spend time training and further investigating the route to be taken; exploring uses of technology and additional means of combining data and image capture devices into the work; and researching literary connections to the work.