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Zain Haider Awan

Artist Zain Haider Awan is working on creating a documentation and exhibition of the memories, thoughts and lives of the first wave of Muslim migrants to his home city of Peterborough. These being Pakistani men predominantly from the Azad Kashmir region of Pakistan. Having worked on a variety of projects concerned with Diaspora youth and British Muslim Identity, Zain is fascinated at how spaces, places and people interact in formulating and creating sophisticated and complex identities. How these identities then become part of cultures, subcultures and where appropriate these cultures clash and collide, or indeed mix and create.

This project will expand on a lunch club which Zain currently volunteers at and is hosted in the Allama Iqbal Centre in Peterborough, where senior men depart from cultured and emasculated norms as they cook, clean and eat together. This nostalgic retelling of food and conversation has developed a variety of oral stories which he is keen to document.