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Decorum is a series of projects by intergenerational arts charity Magic Me. The projects seek to explore what ‘good behaviour’ means for women in the 21st Century.

In 2018 they’ve had 3 projects looking at this topic, in London, Southend and Peterborough. Each group, made up of school age girls and older women from the community, made a film (or films) as part of their work.

They collaborated with Metal to work with older and younger women in Peterborough and Southend to create their own films in response to the theme.

In Peterborough, artists Sue Mayo, Chuck Lowry, and Pooja Sitpura worked with Peterborough based artist Princess Marshall, connecting young women from The Iqra Academy, with women from The Bretton Belles WI.

Southend-end based artist Elsa James joined Sue Mayo, Chuck Lowry and Paula Varjack to work with young people from Southend School for Girls and Westcliff High School for Girls, and older women from the Hindu Women’s Association and University of the Third Age.



For more information, see Magic Me website.

Decorum films