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Future Network Shorts #8

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Future Network Shorts #8

Opening: 28/01/21 1:00 PM – 8:30 PM | Free



Hosted online, every last Thursday of the month.
At each event, 6 artists from across the UK will each host a 20 minute sharings of work, performance, conversations or experimentation.


THURS 28 January 2021



Brant Tilds: The sound of the trumpet and beyond.  

via Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85383568647


Jazz trumpet player Brant Tilds will be sharing an extract from his podcast ‘Between Two Rivers’ via zoom. Between Two Rivers is the on-going collaboration between musicians  Brant Tilds and Beshuar Hassan. Beshuar, a traditional Kurdish musician from Iraq and Brant, met each other in the UK and formed a deep bond of friendship through the common ground of music, which led to forming a duo. Their work has been halted due to the pandemic, however as part of Future Network shorts Brant will share where they are on their journey, more details about the hopes for the future and their plan to share how music can bring different cultures and journeys together.  

Brant will also be demonstrating some of the extremely rare and unusual instruments he used to make the sounds,  from water buffalo horns to the very first analogue electronic trumpet ever produced.   

Brant Tilds, a Jazz trumpet player from Detroit. After graduating from the Interlochen Arts Academy, and then Indiana University, he moved to Los Angeles, California, to study with Charlie Haden at CalArts.    

The music scene was so vibrant that he didn’t spend very much time studying, and wound up performing and touring.  After a number of years in Los Angeles, Brant moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, and became an assistant professor at Copenhagen University in the Music Institute, and taught Jazz and Latin American Music. There, he led his quintet, and his 10 piece group Latin Monster with Humberto Gomez Vera, and performed at various clubs and festivals around Europe.  Brant’s been commissioned to write a number of pieces for audio and video release (Zentropa Films) as well as recording on principal trumpet with the Dansk Radio Underholdnings for film soundtracks on Metronome, leading his quartet at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, and premiering the Poul Erik Christensen Trumpet Concerto. Since his move to England he’s performed at festivals and halls around Europe with acts from the Latin world such as Cheo Feliciano, Los Hermanos LeBron, Roberto Pla to the London Early Opera.  

Website: Branttilds.com  

Daisy Hamlin: A virtual performance of light-paintings and synthesised sounds.

Instagram Live

For this month’s Future Network Shorts, Daisy will be performing on our Instagram alongside sound artist Fibonnaci Love Spiral,. experimenting with psychedelic light-paintings and synthesised sounds. 

Inspired by the spontaneous and fantastical happenings of the unconscious mind, Daisy Hamlin (Magic Lantern Lady) uses interdisciplinary processes, mainly in moving image, to attempt access into the image of the collective dream: the soul’s motion picture. 

Moved by the visions shaped by underground film movements and psychedelic light shows of the 1960’s, she operates some of the same analog machines and mechanisms through live projection performances, experimental cinema and installation, often infusing them with modern technologies. 

Instagram: @MagicLanternLady


Grace Collins and James Mccoll: A world we want to build

Instagram Live

Grace and James are artists, friends and members of School of the Damned. Together they’ve been sending increasingly lengthy voice notes back and forth across the country letting each other know how they’re getting on. For our Future Network Shorts, they will look back on how their communication has changed over time, how administration and wellbeing cross over within participatory practice and how the perfect world for artists to exist in is out there (just give us a second to find the link). 

After this short conversation we’ll escape to a digital world that we’ve created on Mozilla Hubs. We’ll share a link for you to join us in a conversation with more parts, learn to fly and maybe share something too if you feel like it. 

Grace Collins is an artist from St Helens who researches how people work together and documents that to create new artworks about magic, mental health and chairs that sneak in by accident. They’re in Short Supply, School of the Damned and The Collective Studio and have a studio in Warrington where they paint, draw and write. (Instagram: @onethousandprinces  Website: www.grace collins.cargo.site

James Mccoll is a multidisciplinary artist working with text, moving image and performance. His work has a particular focus on mental health, individual struggle and class, using repurposed footage and text – his performances are the direct result of these practices. How work is seen is as important to James’ practice as the work itself. He takes work out of galleries and creates site-responsive and site-specific work, often creating environments for work to be shown in. Where possible, James shows work in unusual spaces and places to disrupt the day-to-day. James is one half of First Line Theatre, a live art group producing site-responsive performances. L/W in Plymouth, UK.

Website: https://jamesmccollartist.com/ 

Instagram: @jamesmccoll999


Kooj Chuhan: Migrating our Songs to our Climate

Instagram Live

A presentation by filmmaker and digital artist Kooj Chuhan, of an ongoing strand of his work connecting human displacement and people from refugee backgrounds with climate justice. 

Can actions against climate change also change perceptions about migration and refugees? How are they linked, and what can we gain from wider involvement in environmental activism?  

In this session Kooj will present his work on connecting climate justice with refugees, including The Centre Cannot Hold project about climate imperialism which was presented at the Arnolfini in Bristol; the award-winning Climate Change Testimonies From Refugees project; the two-screen self-interacting installation titled ‘Buy This’ (including a screening of the work); and the Chamada from Chico Mendes installation involving an interactive playback system of video contributions from artists and activists across the world. He will finally touch on a project with Greater Manchester Libraries currently in preparation, involving local communities contributing audio-visual material to create micro-stories juxtaposing climate realities for social media and video montage.

Kooj’s work explores cultural and social issues often involving migrant perspectives with historical, global and local contexts.  Artistic approaches include documentary and fiction hybrids, non-linear narratives, interactivity and decolonising culture. Much of his work involves multiple voices and authorship, and he is often preoccupied working on ways to generate personal immediacy from complex narratives.  

Kooj has previously worked as a scientist, musician, community worker and educator, along with involvement in race, migration and climate activism. He co-founded the Black Arts Alliance in the mid-1980’s and has been a founding member of the artists’ collective Virtual Migrants since 1998. He has just formed Crossing Footprints, a community interest company intent on using creative and artistic tools to educatively interpret and generate action on issues around human rights, the environment, equality and wellbeing.

Website:  https://crossingfootprints.com

Manchester Science Festival Climate and Justice



Instagram live

Adekunle Adeyoola, also known as Snatcha, is an award winning hip hop artist, mobile phone music video director, iPhonographer and all round creative. 

Snatcha will tell us about his journey as a self taught music video director and artist. He will share some of his original works and speak about how he has been able to remain creative through the pandemic, while raising and homeschooling his 4 children all by himself.

He will also be looking into the idea of ‘using what is available’ as a tool to create. 

Instagram: @soulsnatcha and @shutthersnatcha 

YouTube: @snatchaofficial 

Twitter: @snatcha 


Sandy Wardrop

Instagram Live

Sandy Wardrop is a writer and stand-up poet from Peterborough where he has been ‘Good Shout’ slam champion, and runner up for Peterborough Poet Laureate, 2020. He has also been Brewer Slam champion in Lincoln, runner up at Hammer & Tongue, Cambridge and runner up at Say Owt in York.

Sandy’s graphic poem, ‘It’s Safe Here’, went viral in 2019, gaining 14,000+ shares across the UK, USA, Australia and the Philippines. He recently completed and filmed his first commissioned residency for the Syntax Poetry Festival.

Having previously gone viral for a poem with multiple endings and having once tested a spoken word show with no actual speaking in it – Sandy will be spending this live stream playing with other poetic experiments (old and new) plus the odd thing that he simply finds amusing.

Instagram: @sandywritesthings


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Future Network Shorts is a digital programme from Metal, developed from existing live events which take place at all Metal venues (Future Network in Peterborough, Future Park in Southend and Future Station in Liverpool). This programme originated as part of a revised programme, aiming to financially support artists through and beyond the testing time of COVID-19 and connect them with online audiences through diverse, entertaining and engaging content.

Future Network Shorts takes place on the last Thursday of each month.
The event runs as a mini online ‘festival’. Across the day, 6 different artists will make appearances throughout the day, or host work digitally for you to engage with – this might be via a Zoom call, a digital workshop, a live performance on our social media channels or a virtual exhibition / article on our website. Similar to the ‘3 Min Wonders’ format which is often used in Metal’s programming, these 10 minute slots are open for artists to test out ideas, perform, showcase work, hold conversations, experiment and take risks.

There is no set format or theme to these sharings.
We look forward to presenting  discussions, experiments, how to guides, dance, short talks, workshops, scratch shows and much more, hosted live by artists from their homes.

Get involved :

To show your interest in filling a sharing slot, please send a brief outline (no more than 300 words) of what you would like to share and why.
Each month, we look forward to hosting 6 x artists, from all career levels, art forms and practices.
Send your proposals to paige@metalculture.com

As this is a programme shared across all 3 Metal sites, the best place to get all the info is by following Metal Culture UK on social media. Follow @MetalCultureUK on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, as not to miss out! Here, we will announce our artists, set times and digital access information.



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