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Opening: 10/03/18 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM | 10

Metal Masterclass

Cost: £10.01 inc booking fee 

To book visit: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/metal-4559316361 

Self-publishing has exploded over the past year as more and more of us are choosing to reject the mainstream media and go our own way when it comes to our choice of reading material.
Punk publishing, zine making or DIY publishing – whatever you call it – presents the opportunity to more accurately represent our own experiences and have our voices and opinions heard. Zine fairs have become a mecca for feminist, political, queer publications and those who produce them. Zines have become the format of choice.

Over the course of this one-day masterclass artist Lu Williams will help you create your own Zine, test out different folding, printing, binding and collaging techniques, re-contexualise images and words. Lu will give an overview of her practice, Grrrl Zine Fair, the Grrrl Zine Library and a history of zine culture.

This workshop is suitable for the keen amateur or professional artist / activists.
Age 16+

Most materials will be provided but it is recommended that you bring along any specific images or pieces of text that you feel might feed into a Zine you would like to experiment with.

What is a Zine?
A zine (short for magazine or fanzine) is most commonly a small-circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images, usually reproduced via photocopier. Usually zines are the product of a single person, or of a very small group. Zines first emerged in the United States, where the photocopier was invented, and have always been more numerous there. Popularly defined as having a circulation of 1,000 or fewer copies, in practice many zines are produced in editions of fewer than 100.

A few websites to check out:
10 brilliant indie zines that prove print is not dead: https://www.creativebloq.com/graphic-design/indie-zines-4132490

About Lu Williams:
“I create artworks and events, collecting, personalising and mimicking. Work grows off the back of liminal spaces and communities, teetering between functionality and uselessness. Ideas stem from feminism, self-care, emotional labour, working class culture and a punkish attitude to established thought. My practice of reconstructing, collating, re-appropriating and decorating takes many forms including sculpture, video, djing, Zine making, events, activism, branding, craft, collaborating and collectivising- layering the digital and the physical.

About Grrrl Zine
Grrrl Zine Fair aims to platform women and non-binary artists and is comprised of a publishing fair, panel talks, performances, live music, exhibitions and workshops. Grrrl has a zine library situated in P.I.G.Studios in South Bermondsey, London.
Zine making through Grrrl is presented as an adaptable way of making objects and literature outside of academic or capitalist endeavours. It is a way of elevating craft labour and democratised production in a context which is accessible to communities outside of the insular art world. “


Metal Chauffuers Cottage
St Peters Road

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