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Reiki into Creative Healing – workshops with Laura Brera

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Reiki into Creative Healing – workshops with Laura Brera

Opening: 20/06/22 – 11/07/22 | Free


As part of her PHD research at the University of Bedfordshire, local artist-researcher, bodywork therapist and Reiki master, Laura Brera is hosting an exciting short series of workshops exploring movement and creative energy.

Hosted at Metal – Chalkwell Hall, these workshops will take participants on an insightful journey through the world of subtle energies, movement, self-expression, creativity, and self-cultivation.

These workshops will support you to develop self-awareness through gentle movement and creative exercises to connect the body and self in an exploration of creative healing. You will be invited and guided to connect with the subtle energy within and around your physical body through the practice of Reiki – a Japanese healing practice based on Ki-energy. Through these workshops you will learn to connect with your deeper self as a way into your creative practice. 

If this resonates with you, then come along!

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There are four Monday sessions as part of this offering:


20 June, 27 June, 4 July, 11 July


All taking place at 6pm – 8pm.

For the best experience we recommend attending all four sessions, however this is not mandatory. 




WHO CAN BOOK:  Open to any creative individuals: artists, dancers, actors, physical theatre performers, and everything in between.


DRESS CODE:  You should wear loose, comfortable clothes and socks (no shoes, if possible). 


WHAT DO I NEED:  Bring along any materials: paper, pens, and any art-based material you would like to use (your “art-based contributions” will be a response to your movement exploration).

Please note: All art-based contributions are voluntary.


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