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We are pleased to announce our February artists in (remote) residence. Selected from our local communities, they will be developing their work from their home or studio, with access to our  support, networks and resources.. We are excited to see how the artists’ practice and ideas develop and the conversations shared along the way.

There is one more round of Remote Residencies – apply here. The closing date for our March Remote Residencies is 15 February.

Throughout their residency you can keep up to date with what they are doing over on social media platforms @MetalCultureUK.


Abby Forman and James Alston

Abby is a writer, actor, fine artist, and theatre maker who has created work for stage, TV, film and audio as well as her own stand-up comedy, which she has performed from Bath, England, to Brisbane, Australia. Through all of this she has found her passion in the immersive. 

As an emerging immersive theatre practitioner with a keen interest in the world beyond our own, Abby has teamed up with writer James Alston to co-create a new, interactive piece with a working title of: “The Harvest”. During their residency, Abby and James will be researching and developing “The Harvest”, exploring local and international folklore, vampire legend and the genre of magical realism. Read more here.

Becky Peach

Becky Peach is a Liverpool based visual artist and facilitator. Her practice aims to encourage participation and evoke playfulness in others through tactile objects, workshops, interactive installations and encounters. Becky’s work is process focused and often includes printmaking techniques.

During lockdown, Becky has been volunteering at Kensington Fields Community Association (KFCA), supporting their free meals delivery initiative. She has developed a series of printed art activities for families combining facts on nutrition and wellbeing with information on art techniques and theory. KFCA has space within the grounds of the community centre to develop a garden, the produce of which could be used to help fill the pantry of fresh goods. 

During her residency, Becky wants to focus on research and development, collaborating with L7 residents to begin visualizing the garden’s potential. Becky wants to pull local voices together and create zine that explores possibilities of the garden space and how this could impact and serve the community. Learn more here.

Gold Maria Akanbi

Gold Maria Akanbi is a British-Nigerian Neurodiverse artist working and studying in Liverpool. Her work touches upon and is inspired by sexual feminism, epigenetic trauma and alternative healing modalities, the decolonisation of history and nature, psychogeography and spirituality.

Gold wants to use her remote residency to help curate a poetry book, create a live painting on Instagram, create a conceptual dance piece and a guided meditation whilst walking through The Botanical Gardens. Read more here.

Maz Murray

Maz Murray is an artist from and living in Basildon, Essex. Maz works with film, performance, installation and writing. They try to use satire, surrealism, melodrama and humour to talk about queer and trans identity, class and the erosion of public life.

During their residency, Maz wants to  develop a project on transmasculinity and the figure of the Essex geezer, focusing on research and artistic experimentation. Learn more here.

Nisha Keshav

Artist Nisha Keshav has exhibited locally and nationally, lectured in photography and travelled the world through commissions and sponsorship. She has been combining photography and caring for the elderly when needed. Nisha believes that we can understand a character of the subject better through their surroundings, rather than in a sterile studio environment. 

For Nisha’s Residency she will be exploring the impact COVID-19 has had on the mental and physical health of the elderly. Protecting them from COVID-19 has been a priority but at what cost? Read more here.

Yvonne Hercules

Singer-songwriter Yvonne Hercules, is influenced by her own experiences, the experiences of others and wider issues that affect how we all navigate within society on a whole. The lyrical content of Yvonne’s song-writing is thought-provoking and littered with metaphors and references to nature. Her second single entitled ‘Roving’ was inspired by issues relating to democracy and police brutality, exploring whether the western notion of freedom is something really experienced by all individuals within society.   

Through her residency, Yvonne is looking to further engage with wider societal issues and collaborate with other artists who identify with them. Learn more here.

Image credit: Gold Maria Akanbi

Metal Remote Residencies – February