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Metal is excited to be hosting one of the Reading Rooms, as part of a pilot programme with Pluto Press and the Left Book Club.

About The Reading Room Project

The Reading Room is a new collaborative project opening up local public spaces and providing a wealth of educational tools which will be a catalyst for creative thinkers and critical minds. Starting with boxes of new, boundary-pushing books, organisations from Leeds, Sheffield, Cardiff, Peterborough and Newcastle/Gateshead have come together to create and generate spaces of positive dissent, backed up by the independent publisher Pluto Press and the Left Book Club.

There is access not just to books, but also the authors, who, through community-led conversations focussing on local issues, will share and build understanding on a variety of topics. Taking the lead from our communities, these topics include inequality, the environment, precarious employment, LGBTQ+ issues, structural racism and much more. As the project grows, RRR hope to expand to other areas of the UK, as well as develop new books by emerging radical voices.

At its core, the Reading Room will help people find space to read, discuss and organise a better future. A better world is possible!

From bell hooks and Lola Olufemi, to Mario Mieli and Noam Chomsky, the books cover subjects of identity politics, theories of economics, environmentalism, arts production and more.

Click here to see the full range of books on Pluto Press’s website.

About Peterborough’s Reading Room

The Peterborough Reading Room will be hosted by arts organisation Metal in their research space at Chauffeurs Cottage, where they will programme a range of public events and residencies in response to the Reading Room books. Metal hopes to connect with a new range of audiences and engage different community groups to become creative thinkers and critical minds.

The Reading Room is open to the public Monday-Friday from 9am till 5pm. Located in the room next to the lobby, it is wheelchair accessible.

Feel free to wander in, discover our upcoming events, and read some blurbs.

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