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We are excited to announce that the Peterborough Cultural Steering Group (CSG) (a partnership between the City Council, Arts Council England, Nene Park Trust, Metal and other cultural organisations) has commissioned 5 local artists to inform the 10-year strategy for Peterborough. Kate Genever, Madhu Manipatruni, Vicky Wild and Aryana Ramkhalawon, Kristine Vaivode and Wanja Kimani will creatively research and capture the ideas that people share on the themes of heritage, open spaces, venues and festivals. The project aims to give voice to those that have not been involved in CSG consultations to date.

Metal with lead artist Kate Genever will support the other 4 artists to generate conversations about culture within their existing networks. The conversations will provide insights to help the CSG with their future thinking. The research and final artworks will be showcased online at www.peterboroughculturalstrategy.org.uk


About the artists

Kate Genever uses drawing based co-production and process-led approaches. She is an experienced mentor and educator who ‘challenges and disrupts thinking, supporting people to reflect on or activate change’. Within communities Kate considers and supports improvisation – focusing on what we create to cope with our immediate problems. Her practice builds deep connections and aims ‘to celebrate the overlooked, but more powerfully than this – show that those who go unnoticed matter’.

Madhu Manipatruni is a multidisciplinary artist from India, living in Cambridgeshire. Her practice includes drawing, painting, and digital works. She likes to explore materials and find themes, through experimentation. She creates works on paper, drenched in colour influenced by a combination of Indian miniature and folk-art traditions. For this commission Madhu will be considering how visual culture provides a space to explore identity.

Vicky Wild and Aryana Ramkhalawon are co-writer actors committed to telling the stories of ambitious people from rural areas through a multi-faith/multi-cultural lens. They want to offer a voice to younger generations that tousle between traditional values, the modern world and finding their calling. Through this opportunity, Vicky and Aryana would like to celebrate the places in and around Peterborough that uplift us and boost our moods.

Kristine Vaivode is curious about stories that are untold and aims to start as many conversations as possible to find out what really matters to those around her. For this commission Kristine is working with people from the Latvian community to create a visual journey of their stories and traditions.

Wanja Kimani is a visual artist based in Peterborough. Through embroidery and film, her work explores memory, trauma and the fluidity within social structures that are designed to care and protect but mutate into coercive forces within society. For this commission, Wanja will work collaboratively to reflect and respond to how we engage with local heritage spaces.

In addition to the 5 artists, we are also working with local artists John Nelson and Daniel Butt who will support the project via 2 small commissions. John will visualise our findings through his creative note taking and Daniel will work together with Kate to create an artwork based on conversations with his network.

We are looking forward to seeing how their works and creative consultations develop.

Photo Credit: Created by Kate Genever, commissioned by Peterborough Presents as part of the Millfield Link Project

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